Who we are

Upstream was founded with one mission in mind. To provide the best guidance and support while meeting organizations where they are. The team at Upstream is made up of experts from the corporate IT world, managed IT services, and the nonprofit sector. We came together out of a desire to change the way organizations in the public and private sector view technology: from a hindrance to a catalyst.

The leadership team at Upstream met years ago while volunteering for a local Orange County nonprofit. The experiences born out of dedicating years of service to various nonprofit organizations have given us the drive to help organizations reach their full potential.

We have come together as a team to provide top-level IT consulting, web development and design and operational efficiency all at a cost reflective of each individual organization’s budget and size. Over the years we have seen how managed IT service providers have taken advantage of organizations and not provided the best solution for their budgetary needs. Upstream is dedicated to always being upfront about cost with no hidden or unexpected bills, ever. We know that is the key to a healthy and fruitful relationship and we look forward to being not just your IT department but your trusted advisers who walk hand in hand with your organization to grow and develop it into it’s full potential.

  • Trusted in our field with 10 years of experience
  • Sliding price scale to meet you where you are
  • No hidden costs, ever
  • Goal driven with your success in mind
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We pride ourselves in being trusted partners to the organizations we work with. Your problems are our problems and your success is our success. Upstream provides a sliding scale pricing model to meet you where you’re at. We can’t wait to hear from you!